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Your simplified
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101 Setel Station

Pay, pump and go! How, you ask? Meet Dahlia and follow her journey on Setel.

Start with:
Add Card

For faster payment and fuelling experience, Dahlia pays with CardTerus using her Credit Card but she can also top up her Setel Wallet using Debit Cards, online banking or cash!

Introducing CardTerus!

No need to top up, just pay for fuel with your Credit #CardTerus.

Enjoy up to 10% credit card fuel cashback* T&Cs apply.

Followed by:
Purchase Fuel

Now, she’s ready to pump! Just tap on purchase petrol, select pump number and petrol purchase amount. ⛽ Start fuelling and you #DahSetel!

Always forgot your: Mesra Card?

Dahlia links her Mesra card to Setel to track, earn, & redeem Mesra points. No physical card? No worries. Just activate your virtual Mesra card in the app. Now she is in a good mood all day!

Level up for:
More Rewards

Dahlia remembers to refuel more to unlock the next Mesra membership level! The more she levels up, the more rewards she earns! 💰

Minimise Contact,
Maximise Safety

By paying in the car & minimising contact at the PETRONAS station, Dahlia is staying safer with Setel. 🤗

101 Safer With Setel Icon

Like what you see? Dahlia agrees! Visit your nearest PETRONAS station and Setel it today!