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Your simplified
guide to Setel

101 Setel Station

Pay, pump and go! How, you ask? Meet Dahlia and follow her journey on Setel.

Start with:
Add Card

For faster payment and fuelling experience, Dahlia adds credit/debit card into her payment method. 💳

Enjoy up to 10% fuel cashback* when you top-up Setel with qualified credit cards from CIMB, RHB, Hong Leong Bank and more. T&Cs apply.

Followed by:
Purchase Fuel

Now, she’s ready to pump! Just tap on purchase petrol, select pump number and petrol purchase amount. ⛽ Start fuelling and you #DahSetel!

Simplify with:
Auto Top-up

Dahlia is stepping it up! She enabled her Auto Top-Up to make paying for her fuel absolutely easy. No cash needed! Way to go, Dahlia! 🥳

Always forgot your: Mesra Card?

Dahlia links her Mesra card to Setel to track, earn, & redeem Mesra points. No physical card? No worries. Just activate your virtual Mesra card in the app. Now she is in a good mood all day!

Level up for:
More Rewards

Dahlia remembers to refuel more to unlock the next Mesra membership level! The more she levels up, the more rewards she earns! 💰

Minimise Contact,
Maximise Safety

By paying in the car & minimising contact at the PETRONAS station, Dahlia is staying safer with Setel. 🤗

101 Safer With Setel Icon

Like what you see? Dahlia agrees! Visit your nearest PETRONAS station and Setel it today!