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Fresh or Frozen food at only RM10*

Get rewarded with RM2 Setel Cashback when you purchase frozen chicken, frozen fish, vegetables and fruits at selected Kedai Mesra today! Check out the list of products below.

Promo period:
1 March – 31 March 2021

Terms & conditions apply

Premium chicken with a HACCP certificate

Fish packed with IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) technology

Purchase these products via Setel at Kedai Mesra today

Product prices & availability vary for each station. If the products are sold out, you may make a pre-order at the station and collect on the next day.

Poultry & fish

Vegetables & fruits

  • FAMA Tomato RM4.00
  • FAMA Timun RM4.00
  • FAMA Bendi RM4.00
  • FAMA Buncis RM4.00
  • FAMA Kobis Bulat RM4.00
  • FAMA Lobak Merah RM4.00
  • FAMA Labu Manis RM4.00
  • FAMA Limau Nipis RM4.00
  • FAMA Limau Kasturi RM4.00
  • FAMA Cili Merah RM4.00
  • FAMA Cili Hijau RM4.00
  • FAMA Cili Padi RM4.00
  • FAMA Terung Bulat RM4.00
  • FAMA Terung Mini RM4.00
  • FAMA Peria Besar RM4.00
  • FAMA Kacang Panjang RM4.00
  • FAMA Peria Katak RM4.00
  • FAMA Serai + Kunyit + Lengkuas RM4.00
  • FAMA Halia RM4.00
  • FAMA Bawang Kecil RM4.00
  • FAMA Bawang Besar RM4.00
  • FAMA Bawang Putih RM4.00
  • FAMA Kentang RM4.00
  • FAMA Cili Kering RM4.00
  • FAMA Betik RM4.00

    1.3-1.4 kg

  • FAMA Honeydew RM5.00

    1.2-1.3 kg

  • FAMA Jambu Batu (Seeded) RM4.00

    2 pcs (700-800 gm)

  • FAMA Jambu Batu (Seedless) RM7.00

    3 pcs (700-800 gm)

  • FAMA Tembikai Merah RM12.00

    4.5-5 kg

  • FAMA Rock Melon RM12.00

    1.8-2 kg

  • FAMA Pomelo RM12.00

    1.5-1.6 kg

  • FAMA Pisang Berangan RM5.00

    0.8-1 kg

  • FAMA Buah Naga RM10.00

    2 pcs (0.8-0.9 kg)

  • FAMA Jagung Gred A RM4.00

    3 pcs

  • FAMA Nanas Josephine RM3.50

    1.1-1.3 kg

RM2 Setel Cashback - Terms & conditions

  1. Each Setel user can only receive one(1) time RM2 Setel Cashback with minimum RM20 purchase in a single transaction on the selected products. 
  2. Customers must purchase a minimum RM20 of selected product* in a single transaction with the Setel app to enjoy RM2 Setel cashback. 
  3. Setel Cashback is available for the first 10,000 customers based on a first come, first serve basis. 
  4. Customers who purchase minimum RM20 in a single transaction of Segar@Mesra items are eligible to receive RM2 Setel Cashback. 
  5. RM2 Setel Cashback will be credited into the Setel wallet in 3 working days after the transaction date. 
  6. RM2 Setel Cashback is only valid for 30 days once received. 
  7. Only transactions paying with Setel via Setel wallet and CardTerus in the stores can be accepted.
  8. The selected products are available at these PETRONAS stations:
    – PETRONAS Unikeb 2, Seksyen 4 Bangi
    – PETRONAS Persiaran Jaya / Sg Ramal Dalam
    – PETRONAS Prima Saujana 2
    – PETRONAS Pelangi Semenyih
  9. First come first serve basis, while stock lasts.