Setel’s “Refer-a-friend” Terms and Conditions

1.0 Mechanics :


1.1 Programme refers to Setel’s Refer-A-Friend programme where Setel will reward a referrer and referred user with Setel bonus for every new successful referral to Setel.


1.2 Referrer means someone who made a successful referral to Setel. Successful referral happens when a referred user transacts a minimum of RM30 worth of fuel (in a single transaction or more) on Setel at any Setel-enabled PETRONAS station. Referred user means someone who was referred to Setel via a Referrer and is a new Setel user.


1.3 Setel Bonus refers to the amount that will be credited into the Referrer and Referred user’s Setel e-wallet balance within 3 working days for a Successful referral performed. 


1.4 The Referrer and Referred users’s Setel account must be active when the Setel Bonus is granted.


1.5 A Referrer will get Setel Bonus for every Successful referral made as per the Setel Bonus.


1.6 In a Successful referral, a Referred user will get Setel Bonus after transacting a minimum of RM30 worth of fuel (in a single transaction or more) on Setel.


1.7 Setel Bonus :

  • For all Successful referrals, the Referrer will get Setel Bonus worth RM5. The Referred user will get Setel Bonus worth RM5 after transacting a minimum of RM30 worth of fuel (in a single transaction or more) on Setel.


1.5 Rewards Listing Page means the page where a Referrer and Referred user can view the status of their rewards and refer-a-friend status.


1.6 A Referred user must transact on Setel using

  • The Referrer’s unique referral code
  • The referral methods shared on this page 


1.7 Referrers and Referred users who linked their Mesra card to their Setel account will also earn Mesra points when they pay for their fuel purchase via the Setel application.


1.8 If the Referred user’s order is later cancelled, changed or refunded, the Setel Bonus may be revoked.


1.9 The following is a non-exhaustive list of activities that are not permitted, which will disqualify a Referrer and Referred user from earning Setel Bonus:

  • Self-referral
  • Any similar activity determined by Setel in its sole discretion to be inconsistent with the purpose of this Programme


2.1 Setel reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of this Programme.


2.3 Any infringement of the above terms and conditions would result in the loss of all Setel Bonus.


2.4 Repeat offences would result in the closure of their Setel account.


3.0 Uncaptured Transactions:


3.1 In the event during the Programme period, Referrers and Referred users who transact on their Setel account but the transactions are not captured, Setel reserves the right to exclude the transaction amount from the Programme.


3.2 Nonetheless, Setel will on best effort basis subject to the transaction(s) captured by Setel application to enable the Referrers and Referred users to be eligible for the Setel Bonus.


4.0 Miscellaneous :


4.1 By entering or participating in this ProgrammeReferrers and Referred users hereby fully and unconditionally agree and accept all Terms and conditions herein contained and agree that the decisions of Setel regarding the Programme and all matters relating to or in connection thereto are final and binding and no such queries, appeals or correspondence will be entertained.


4. 2 Setel reserves the right to cancel, revise, shorten, extend, suspend or terminate the Programme at any time without prior notice to Referrers and Referred users. For avoidance of doubt, any cancellation, revision, shortening, extension, suspension or termination of the Programme at any time shall not entitle the Referrers and Referred users to claim any compensation from Setel for any and all losses or damages suffered or incurred by the Referrers and Referred users as a result of the said cancellation, extension, suspension or termination.


4.3 Setel also reserves the right to amend, modify, delete or change any of the Terms and conditions herein contained at any time at its absolute discretion without prior notice. Continued participation in the Programme following any such changes and/or amendments shall constitute unconditional acknowledgment, understanding, agreement and acceptance of such changes in respect of the Terms and conditions.


4.4 Setel shall not be held responsible or liable for any claims of loss or damage to property or personal injury or loss of life by the Referrers and Referred users, and/or any party resulting from or arising out of or in connection with this Programme or the Setel Bonus given under this Programme.


4.5 These Terms and conditions prevail over any provisions or representations contained in any brochure or other promotional materials advertised under this Programme.


4.6 In the event of any inconsistency between the English Language and the Bahasa Malaysia versions, the Terms and conditions in the English version shall prevail.


4.7 Setel is the final authority to decide on the interpretation of these Terms and conditions and as to any other matters relating to this Programme.


5.0 Personal Data :


5.1 By participating in this ProgrammeReferrers and Referred users are deemed to have agreed and consented to the collection, processing, use, disclosure and retention by Setel of their personal data in the manner as set out in the Personal Data Notice given pursuant to at