Redeem Mesra points on Setel

Just slide and redeem!

Don't have your Mesra card with you?

Don't worry, #wesetelforyou.

Now you can redeem your Mesra points on the Setel app and convert it into Setel wallet balance for your fuel purchases at PETRONAS. Just follow 3 simple steps below and start redeeming your Mesra points today! Setel is available at all PETRONAS stations in Klang Valley.

3 simple steps to redeem Mesra points

1. Link

Link your Mesra card to your Setel account

2. Activate

Activate your Mesra card and enter your IC number

3. Slide & Redeem

Done! You can now slide to redeem your preferred amount

How do I earn

mesra points?

1 litre of fuel


3 points

How much can I redeem?

100 points



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